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The Festival Against Bigotry at City Hall, Friday, July 23, 2004. View this photomontage full size
This huge flag was unfurled across the street from OSA's final rally in Battelle Park.

During July, 2004, Operation Save America (OSA), also known as Operation Rescue, held their annual week-long event in Columbus, Ohio, in cooperation with the Ohio organization, Minutemen United. OSA has had a long history of targeting entire cities, disrupting neighborhoods, businesses and organizations that they believe stand in the way of their vision of an America governed entirely by their particular interpretation of Biblical law. OSA director Flip Benham and a number of OSA and Minutemen United members have since been arrested in Florida outside the hospice of Terri Schiavo during March of 2005.

theanswerisno.org was a communications resource for developing and coordinating an effective oppositional response to the actions of Operation Save America and its Ohio symphathizers in Columbus during that summer. It now serves to tell the story of that event, and it's a resource for others seeking to respond effectively to OSA or similar groups in the future.

They took their and went!

Operation Save America departed Columbus on Friday, July 23, 2004 at the end of their week-long event, staged largely at City Hall with the Ohio based Minutemen United.

View "The Answer is No" website as it looked at the end of OSA's visit
The last site update during that summer was on Tuesday, July 27, 2004.

More video and archival material will eventually be added to this site. Please check back for updates.

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