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Last updated Saturday July 31, 2004, 12:30 am

  • Thursday July 29: Saint Michael Catholic Church, Worthington, Added To Supporting Church List; Associate Pastor Praises OSA, Lies About Opposition, Ignores Hate

    A letter from the Associate Pastor of Saint Michael Catholic Church, Joseph Klee, appears in the July 29 Columbus Dispatch. It's a demand that secular media substitute mindless repetition of his favorite propaganda for accurate reporting. Unfortunately, this is one of the responses that can be expected from the supporters of an event like OSA's activities in Columbus last week.

    Klee predictably fails to mention OSA's burning of a Koran, rainbow flag and Supreme Court decision on Thursday night, the taunting of police Tuesday night, the overwhelming, broad condemnation of the city of Columbus repeated constantly by OSA leaders throughout the week, and numerous other examples of OSA's extremism and hatred for all who fail to join or endorse them. The fact that opposition to OSA came from across Columbus is also conveniently ignored by Klee.

    From Joseph Klee's letter to the Dispatch published July 29:

    During the week of July 19, Columbus received a visit from Operation Save America. This initiative was an attempt to prayerfully awaken the collective conscience of our city and nation, especially to the ongoing holocaust of innocent children through abortion and the devastation of the sacred institution of marriage and family through the accommodation of sodomy.

    The media's coverage was typical of their prejudicial nature: Defame that which is of God and exalt that which is of darkness and evil. Why is there so little journalistic integrity in the media? Why do they go out of their way to search for the flaws of those trying to coax mankind away from lives of misery and eternal damnation?

    Why do the media not show the reality of such events, with rabidly radical homosexual activists screaming unspeakably offensive, blasphemous and demonic epithets? With women and children present, their crimes are almost as heinous as the causes they violently and hatefully promote.

    When will the media ever honestly portray the virulent actions of such people, and depict those pursuing a moral lifestyle fairly?

  • Thursday July 29: Minutemen United Issue Bizarre Write-Up of Their Week With OSA In Columbus; Omit Koran Burning, Make Up Stories Of Escort Conversions And Allege Eight Redirections Of So-Called "Abortion Minded Mothers"

    Minutemen United has sent out their recap of last week's events in Columbus. Along with the let's-count-the-notches-in-the-bedpost crowing about abortions allegedly prevented, escorts allegedly "professing decisions for Christ," and repeating again that Columbus is "a sick and lawless city," they seem to have completely forgotten that they and their leader, Dave Daubenmire, created and participated in a ritual tearing up and burning of the Koran, thus forever marking Minutemen United and OSA as hate groups.

    Also missing is any mention of the reason for OSA's early exit from the City Hall grounds - the successful "Festival Against Bigotry" scheduled for the same location on Friday night.

  • Wednesday July 28: More Lies from Operation Save America: OSA Leaders Post Hit Piece Calling CAIR-Ohio Director Jad Humeidan "Suspected Terrorist"

    OSA spent much of their week-long event in Columbus broadly and impersonally demonizing large groups of people, by attacking abortion, homosexuality and Islam and ritually burning symbols of each. Now they've moved from attacking symbols to a direct, personal attack on an individual.

    Using a new and novel redefinition of "suspected terrorist" that includes everyone ever interviewed by the FBI, OSA has posted a hit piece on their website targeting Jad Humeidan, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Ohio Chapter, falsely calling him a "suspected terrorist" on the basis of having once been questioned by the FBI, and having called "for fair treatment and due process" for those accused of aiding terrorists.

    Sunday, July 25, 2004

    • The Toledo Blade Reports Disruption Of Church Service Attended By John Kerry

      According to the report, this morning's church service at First Church of God was visited by a number of people who are likely OSA participants who stuck around for an extra day to protest John Kerry's visit to Columbus. OSA leaders earlier confirmed that a few people would remain through Sunday for this purpose. From the article:

      Abortion opponents, with graphic photos of aborted fetuses, shouted at Mr. Kerry as his motorcade arrived at the 4,000-member church, which is predominantly African-American.

      Bishop Timothy Clarke, the senior pastor, introduced Mr. Kerry. "We have our senator here today, but most of all Jesus is here today," he said.

      As Mr. Kerry stepped to the podium to speak, a man near the front stood up and shouted "Quit killing babies, you phony."

      Church security personnel escorted the man out of the church.

    Thursday, July 22, 2004

    • OSA Formally, Publicly Transitions to Hate Group; Burns Koran, Rainbow Flag and Copy Of Supreme Court "Roe v. Wade" Decision At City Hall

      Not much else to say, other than that along with OSA head Flip Benham, Central Ohio former high school football coach, and talk show host on Columbus radio station WRFD, Dave Daubenmire, was an active participant in this event.

    • Vatican Approval of OSA's Event Arrives: Frank Pavone Speaks At "Fetal Funeral"

      Frank Pavone, a priest who is an official of the Vatican's Pontifical Council for the Family, spoke this afternoon at OSA's City Hall event.

    Tuesday, July 20, 2004

    • OSA Rally Devolves Into Expensive, Police-Taunting Farce

      As of 12:15 AM Wednesday morning (Tuesday night) OSA's rally at City Hall, which had started around 6:30 pm, was still in progress, with a twist: a group of OSA participants was carrying what looked like a steel kettle around the streets of Columbus and stopping at various landmarks to pray, while being tailed by at least two police officers on bicycles.

      This is part of an apparent strategy to provoke Columbus Police, which stems from an apparent dispute over a burn permit for Tuesday evening that OSA alleges they applied for but was rejected.

      Police were out in force this evening. OSA is costing the city a lot of resources and playing silly games, and they apparently think that this "martyr me harder" strategy of provocation will bring more churches on board with them.

    • OSA Head Benham Calls United Way a "Dark Filthy Cesspool" and "Terrible Horrible Organization"

      Operation Save America showed up in front of United Way of Central Ohio headquarters on South Third Street this morning at about 11 am. They targeted United Way because it has dropped its relationship with the Boy Scouts of America.

      View video and partial transcript of Flip Benham's comments about United Way

      Benham also commented about the yellow signs that have appeared along High Street and elsewhere in the city, proclaiming his expectation that they would lead to persecution, jail and eventual death for Christians.

    Sunday, July 18, 2004

    • Two Un-Welcoming Events A Success

      Both the Un-Welcoming Rally Saturday afternoon that greeted OSA after they came walking down Broad Street to City Hall, and Sunday night's "opportunity to say NO to OSA," were a great success, with as many as 100 people on Saturday and 30 on Sunday. Pictures from Saturday are on our event photos page.

    • OSA Says They Visited Xenos Christian Fellowship and Rod Parsley's World Harvest Church

      Following OSA's assembly Sunday night, it was announced that OSA participants had visited Xenos Christian Fellowship and World Harvest Church earlier today. Allegedly, police were called to remove OSA participants from private property at Xenos.

    Thursday, July 15, 2004

    • OSA Issues Press Release, Openly Calls for "Second American Revolution"

      Today's OSA press release can be found on the US Newswire site. The following is quoted from that release and was attributed to OSA director Flip Benham:

      "It is time for a second American Revolution! We are fed up! We are absolutely fed up with the United States Senate and the elected officials who vote their own prejudice and narrow-minded causes rather than the will of God and the people who elected them! Mainstream America is not in favor of and will not accept homosexual, unnatural unions. Marriage is the bond between one woman and one man before Almighty God. No action or inaction of politicians, who are basically evil, or too weak to stand up for what is right, will change this. WE ARE FED UP! We are through with waiting for our government to do what is right. Now, we will act!

      "Our nation has been turned upside down by the enemies of Christ (abortion, homosexuality, Islam, etc.) With the help of Jesus Christ, Ruler of the universe, we will turn it right side up. No more waiting for politicians who stand for nothing and fall for everything! It begins in Columbus, the heart of the nation, and will spread to every point across America."

    Wednesday, July 14, 2004

    • OSA Announces They've Lost Columbus Host Church (Smyrna Baptist); Event Still On

      From an article on the OSA website posted early this morning:

      We've lost the Columbus church that was going to host our nightly rallies. Flip asked to have the saints pray about this and to remind everyone that this is not our battle but the Lord's. He said, "We planned our way, but it's up to the Lord to direct our steps." (Proverbs 16:9 paraphrased.) More and more old friends are coming to their camp to visit. John Reyes is there. So is the Heldreth family. Flip said more are due to arrive today. He sounded eager to see everyone and said, "Tell the folks to come on, we're waiting!"

    July 9, 2004

    • Fred Marshall, Pastor of OSA's Columbus Host Church, Smyrna Baptist, Has Supported the so-called "Moonies Cult" of Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church

      A search of the Columbus Dispatch and the web for background information on Fred Marshall, the pastor of OSA's host church, reveals that Marshall was a speaker and attendee at a Unification Church event in Columbus in March, 2001. The leader of this church, Sun Myung Moon, regularly calls himself "Messiah." Moon's disciples are attempting to convince pastors across the U.S. to remove the cross from their churches and replace it with a crown.

      According to this Unification Church webpage, which includes photos, Marshall specifically spoke in praise of Unification Church leader Moon, saying as part of an invocation that Moon is "a man still standing for what is right and who has never given up."

      As has been reported in both the secular and Christian press lately, Moon has recently once again named himself "Messiah," among other outrageous titles. Perhaps Flip Benham and Dave Daubenmire can ask Fred if he thinks that Moon's calling himself "Messiah," and leading pastors to "take down the cross," is part of that "standing for what is right" he was referring to a few years ago.

      Fred Marshall's Smyrna Baptist Church was described by OSA mere days ago with the following language that has since been removed from the OSA website:

      For the first time in our organization's history, Operation Rescue has been invited to hold our rallies in an African-American church in the heart of the city! We will stand shoulder to shoulder with our Black brothers and sisters, making His-story, as we stand in the gap for Truth and Righteousness, repenting for the sins of our nation and the Church of Jesus Christ.

      The evangelical Christian Agape Press has quoted a Washington Post newspaper report on a Capitol Hill event a few months ago that featured Moon:

      According to the newspaper report, Moon delivered a long speech in which he claimed to have been "sent to Earth ... to save the world's six billion people .... Emperors, kings, and presidents ... have declared to all Heaven and Earth that Reverend Sun Myung Moon is none other than humanity's Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord, and True Parent." He also stated that his teachings have helped Hitler and Stalin be "reborn as new persons."

      For more information on the Unification Church and Sun Myung Moon:

    • Eagle Rock Church Added to List of Churches Supporting OSA

      Eagle Rock Church / Eagle Rock Ministries has been added to our list of churches supporting OSA's visit because of the apparent presence of Eagle Rock pastor Les Bowling at the July 6 breakfast event with Flip Benham held at High Street Baptist Church. Eagle Rock has also hosted Benham for a talk this past January, and Minutemen founder Dave Daubenmire has appeared at past Eagle Rock events. Also, see our Columbus Free Press article for discussion of a sermon found on the Eagle Rock Church website that is an example of how at least one person in that church views the city of Columbus, and their rationale for targeting institutions and communities here, including public schools and libraries.

    July 4, 2004

    • Smyrna Baptist Announced As Host Church: Operation Save America has announced that Smyrna Baptist Church, 1650 Wilson Avenue, Columbus, will be the host church during their week-long event.

    • Last Minute "Free" Coffee and Donuts: Minutemen United have announced that Flip Benham, OSA director, will be appearing at a breakfast at High Street Baptist Church, Tuesday July 6 at 8 am.

    June 23, 2004

    • Operation Save America leaders' statements move from "maliciously clueless" to "dangerously delusional"

      Mike Doughney writes: OSA leadership has issued false claims over the past six days, alleging that the two of us who operate this website somehow "disrupted" the OSA national event three years ago in Wichita, Kansas. They are mischaracterizing our work today as an attempt to "silence their voice" here in Columbus.

      OSA leadership is now insisting that we somehow organized a "concerted effort" against them in Wichita by getting "Refuse and Resist" to somehow disrupt their events while we watch with cameras.

      The idea that Refuse and Resist listens to us for direction is hilarious. Nevertheless, OSA leaders, as shown from their online statements, truly believe that they face this kind of well-organized conspiracy from the imaginary foes they see in the mirror. This is the kind of nonsense that you get from people who can't ever believe that individuals, disorganized and unaffiliated with visible organizations, might on their own just disagree with them, and be willing to stand up and say so in public.

      For the record, BARF is two people, and Lauren Sabina and I are not part of any coalition or formally organized opposition. We are just telling what we've learned about OR/OSA over the past seven years and sharing it with whoever cares to hear about it here in Columbus. It is likely that most of our views and advice will be disregarded here.

      The charge that anyone with "Refuse and Resist" is going to "submit to the leadership" of an SUV-driving, meat-eating, white male heterosexual hardcore capitalist is so ridiculous it isn't even worth answering, nor would we want that role, if that role even exists anywhere.

    June 18, 2004

    • The Operation Save America homepage now displays two wildly false accusations against the two of us who operate this website, incorrectly claiming that we somehow "disrupted" their national event three years ago in Wichita, Kansas, and mischaracterizing our work today as attempting to "silence their voice" here in Columbus.

      Both accusations are false; they are so false, we have no idea what they stem from. Our activities in Wichita were primarily confined to videography, documenting events at the clinic there and in outdoor public spaces downtown.

      Certainly, today, encouraging the citizens of Columbus to answer them by saying "No" - from a position of understanding what it is they are actually demanding - will not be "silencing" them in any way.

    June 8, 2004

    • The downloads page has been updated with the latest fliers and posters.

    June 5, 2004

    • Leaders of Minutemen United, a Central Ohio group that is sympathetic to Operation Save America and is actively working to prepare for this summer's event, have said in an e-mail message to their supporters on May 20 that they are contacting 400 Ohio churches and appealing to them for help and logistical assistance, including housing, transporation and food.

      J. Patrick Johnston, an associate of Minutemen United who says he's "serving" Operation Save America leader Flip Benham, told us during a brief interview in early May that OSA will obtain a permit to parade through German Village. They've targeted German Village, according to Johnston, because it has a "the reputation of being a place where a certain class of sinners reside," that it is "the neighborhood that is known throughout the town for having a lot of homosexual couples residing there." See the video and transcript of this interview.

      Recent parades organized by Operation Save America / Operation Rescue in Wichita, Kansas, have been extremely disruptive to neighborhood residents and businesses. OSA has claimed that a parade permit gives them "control of the street" and they have deliberately used these parades as an attempt to block access to entire streets in front of particular businesses that they seek to eliminate.

    • Mike Doughney and Lauren Sabina Kneisly, the "oppositional researchers" who created this website and have studied Operation Save America / Operation Rescue for a number of years, have moved to Columbus for the summer and are available to speak to your organization or group. Contact us for details.

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