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The Other Paper, May 27, 2004

Sabina's Letter to the Editor published June 10, 2004

Significant text that was edited out is in red.

Dear Other Paper:

I'm writing in response to your article "Conservative Activists Bear Down on Columbus", concerning Operation Save America's impending weeklong national action in Columbus.

While at first glance, this July's events may seem nothing more than an ongoing philosophical disagreement between what you term "pro-choice" advocates and "conservative activists", the real story here is not only more interesting, but also far more nuanced.

In the article, Flip Benham, director of OSA is labeled "conservative", despite the fact that on OSA's website Mr. Benham's tract "Conservatism is Pretend Salt" clearly places conservatism alongside other targeted "sworn enemies of our Lord" such as abortion supporters and Queers. He goes so far as to state "we are also being trampled under the feet of another so-called friend - CONSERVATISM!"

Likewise, mischaracterizing me as pro-choice, is equally incorrect. Our barf.org (Biblical America Resistance Front) website contains the article "Choice: An Obsolete Strategy" in which I plainly state, "I am pro-abortion, and proud." "Choice" itself as a euphemism for "access to abortion" is terminology we (BARF) unequivocally reject, as consumerism is a poor metaphor for freedom. Yet my stance on abortion is only part of why I am working in opposition to OSA this summer.

While cameras may focus on clinics this July, the heart of the disagreement goes far beyond abortion and the question of whether or not we own our bodies. Unfortunately, typecasting OR/OSA as a "anti-abortion movement" is to misidentify its' central function. The essential question for Mr. Benham, his organization, and his local supporters is whether America will be forcibly restructured to live under their interpretation of biblical law or not.

My, and my partner's work in response to that is at the Columbus level is http://www.theanswerisno.org and at the international level the Biblical America Resistance Front - a resource for those who work to monitor and counter those proposing the creation of a Biblical America.

Sabina Kneisly

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